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Self Healing :
I heal from depression in 1 night

Life is not easy. I surely understand. We are all aware that life has never been easy—your life, their life and my life too. I have been trying to find times to lay my words to benefit you and future generations. This book is my baby as remarkably the first book I ever completed. I devoted my time apart from being the mom of three grown children and a baby, some works demand, and social life. Finally, this book is ready! Here it is.


The struggle of life since childhood allows me to learn how to handle it today. That is where my interest to study psychology sparked. Let alone care about others` struggles life. Understanding its science with a pinch of belief is what you need at this difficult time. I know, sometimes it is not bearable, but by Allah`s will, at the end of this book, you will find the way out. You will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 


My profession set the path, and I go with it. The reason why I wrote this book was purely to share because I had found the way out! 

Hey… I found the way out from that darkness. 


Yes, I suffered from depression for about seven months.

I cried literally almost every day, 300 days.


All negativity comes to my mind every day. 

I had a suicidal thought, and I lost weight by more than 20kg.

Ironically, I waited seven weeks before I started to seek treatment.


I tried everything, but nothing worked until I found something which I shared in this book.

The secret is at the end of this book.


This book is written with both; fresh real experience and knowledge mean, it is not purely from the textbook only nor experience only.

You want to learn what happens, then see what if, it happens.

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