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3.5k views! It is an honored!

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I was invited to give a talk on the Facebook Live for the Slot Gaya Hidup Sihat, Program Pengkayaan Ilmu organised by UTM Talent Transformation Centre, UTM TTC on 22nd April 2020.

I ada masa 5 hari saja untuk persiapan. Tolak family distraction time dan kerja kerja lain, I can only have less than 24 hour to finish things. So you rasa dari mana I dapat inspiration?

Sebenarnya I baru saja started my online class, The Science of Happiness. Tapi, nak cerita dari mana I dapat online class ni? ialaaaah..........dari IG story hehehe

I need to give some credit to one of my friend who posted good stuff and I was inspired. I believed she posted about it, randomly. But little she knows, her post, hit me inspiringly. Thanks to Sulia! hehehe.

Ok. I pun prepare my slide based on my class note. Tp I ada satu masalah, there is no way to show slide + webcam on Facebook live streaming. Sebab facebook belum buat button tu. So, I stressed a bit, I xtau cmne nk buat. I try and error, banyak software yang I download, then x boleh pakai, then download software lain lagi, x boleh juga. I cuba usaha nk make it happen juga. I sampai tak boleh tidur malam, fikir, how can I do? having slide + webcam on live stream?

A day before that, I dah stressed. I struggled i belum jumpa jalan cmne nak buat live streaming ni. Siap masak, urus anak, laki and rumah, I sat with a little rush feelings to just to find a way to do this. No...... mana datang I punya strength ni, even to write this post?

I googled and I found OBS is the best solution to help me. Esok dah kena on air, I baru nak belajar cmne nak guna mendalah ni! even youtube shows 17 minutes to teach me. Masa tu, alamak.. I said, I don`t have 17 minutes to learn this, but eventually I did spent 17 minutes to learn this. hehehe thanks to youtube. phewww..... voila.. I manage to set my slide and webcam together on FB live streaming yay! I manage to get ready 4 hours before its time. Eh.. suddenly I call my self tech savvy.

There goes my rating, wehoooo 3.5k views with more than 1K positive comments, 33 shares and my hardwork and stress paid off! I am super happy. I did not put any reference point :P, but I am happy and gratitude.

Because you watched this, you should know, this is my real hard work. It causes a little stress but I got husband`s massage for some relieves.

Your likes, views, support and positive comments tell me,

Wina, you have done a good job! I give myself a pat on my back ...! I need some reward from me.

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