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Website ini siap dalam masa 24 jam!

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Mungkin ada yang tertanya, sebenarnya saya pun tertanya sendiri juga, macam mana terhasilnya website ni dalam masa yang singkat tu. Years back, sebenarnya saya ada aktifkan satu website based dari wordpress. Saya buka page tu hanya pada hari kejadian saja. hari lain saya x berminat untuk buka. Then semalam, I came back to my website, and I spent for about 18 hours to design and create. I was stucked kat stage pertama.. pilih theme saja. X jumpa theme yang saya suka. Anothe rthing is, I belum set my mind I nak guna english ke malay. Nk fully english, I x power mcm Mat Salleh gitew, bunyi pun kelakar, kdg kdg kaku sgt mcm baca journal pula khennn... nk guna bahasa melayu, always things tak reach. I lost words somehow. Ni pun I terpaksa mix. I pun x terer malayu macam Mak Kiah. Mat salleh and Mak Kiah ja terer bahasa. I mak anak 4.. terer apa? hehehe

Jadi, cerita website saya tidak buka-buka sbb saya sendiri x berminat nk visit... then I decided to try Wix. Wix has been in my mind so far. Last time, I tried, tp featurenya tak userfriendly. susah and lambat. Today, I try wix, then voila!! 24 hours, I did all the pages, create all the writing include this! Sakit tengkuk maakkkkk...

So one of my friend asked, mana I dapat motivasi create website ni. Then this is my answer. I scroll ig story, stop at my friend`s story and she was showing that, she is working on her website. That moment reminds me about my site that has not been attended for long time. So I should give credit to this pretty-ready-to-pop-Dr-lina, and I sent her quick message about her story. But then it took me 3 days to start mine.

Also, yg contribute to my motivation create this is, my career. We want to express our thought and we want to spread knowledge. After all we want visibility sebab this could be a way we can get one good PhD student!

Another thing that inspired me is my PhD supervisor. I follow her work, her activities, checking on her project, since her first email to me dulu it was 2011. When I first communicate with her, she was as lecturer, then once I arrived in the UK and met her first time, she got promoted to senior lecturer position. After 4 years, I left Birmingaham, she got promoted to the reader position. Now, after 8 years from her first email to me, she is now a Professor. She is inspiring. maksudnya she did a good job!! I pun nak buat macam dia. I tau dah nk buat projek apa. Tapi I need experts to collaborate, I need students, and I need funding!

So now, you terinspired tak dengan I? hehe...:) That`s how things work, I inspired by friends, then I come inspiring my friends. That is how we spread positivity.. kan?

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